shermatShermat Faizullaev (Шермат Файзуллаев) is a folk singer from Uzbekistan. From the liner notes on the back sleeve, we learn that Faizullaev is the soloist of the “Kaldirgoch” folk song and dance ensemble of Xorazm Province, Bog’ot District. The song title Azhoyib (Ажойиб) apparently translates to “Wondrous beauty”. Like all four songs on this EP, it is sung in Uzbek.

This recording was made and pressed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital. Obviously it has more in common with the classical music of Central Asia than with the folk/pop sound of more Western-influenced Uzbek artists like Yalla, who have been dealt with on other blogs. If you are interested in more Central Asian folk music, there is an excellent series of CD/DVD releases on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

Шермат Файзуллаев- Ажойиб (Melodiya, 1987)