khairatKairat Baibosynov (Кайрат Байбосынов) is a folk singer and instrumentalist from Kazakhstan. According Kazakh cultural websites, he was born in 1950 and began singing in the ensemble “Gulder” in the late 1960s. On the album from which this track was taken, Kairat Baibosynov Sings, he accompanies himself on the dombra, a kind of lute common to Central Asian music, and plays traditional Kazakh folk songs. In addition to this album, he also recorded an LP with fellow Kazakh musician Zhanibek Karmenov (1949-1992) in 1988, and appeared on the compilation CDs Music of Kazakhstan (1992) and Dombra Music of Kazakhstan (1995).
According to the Russian translation on the sleeve, this song’s title, Zhez kiik, translates to “Copper Saigak”, referring to a type of critically-endangered antelope found today only in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Кайрат Байбосынов- Жез киiк (Мелодия, 1990)